Social Media

Social media helps you communicate with your customers in a more personal way. Social media helps build community and brand recognition. It can help you find out more about what your potential customers like and how they view you. 360 Solutions helps all of our clients manage their presence on social media.

La Fiesta Margarita Promotion

Our client, La Fiesta, wanted to promote a margarita special. We scheduled a photo shoot to get them a great photo, added engaging text to clearly communicate the promotion, and researched the best time of day to post for the most impact.

lafiesta margarita post
amy grant social post

Amy Grant Concert Promotion

Our client was the title sponsor of Amy Grant’s last concert in Waco. To promote the event, we put together a custom video targeted toward Amy Grant fans in the Waco area. 

JR CrossFit Promotion

Using proper tagging and messaging, we helped JR CrossFit promote their box (that’s CrossFit speak for “gym”). We produced the video and built an audience around locals looking to get in shape. We also researched the best time to reach our potential audience for maximum impact.

jr crossfit post
charity champions social post

Leadership Development

We produced a video to help drive attendance at a leadership development work. We created an audience based on nonprofit leaders in the area. 

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