Branding and Strategy

Every organization needs a consistent brand image and strategy that tells your organization’s story. Whether you’ve been in business for years, or just started last week, clarifying both your image and message can do wonders for your business. Let us help you figure it out!

Charity Champions

The Charity Champions program wanted to make sure its branding was used consistently in all of its sponsorship placements. We put together this branding guide to let outside firms know exactly how to depict the brand and style.

charity champions brand guide
sees branding guide

Sees Consulting

Business Consultant Darla Sees wanted to convey how her company works with companies to point them in the right direction. We came up with the lighthouse concept to depict safely navigating dangerous waters. We added the compass element to represent heading the right direction. We also came up with a color scheme that fit with her brand’s nautical themes.

TFNB You Bank For Life

It’s essential for your brand image to look consistent in different mediums. Here’s a design we put together for TFNB Your Bank For Life that appears on the Silo District Trolleys.

trolley images

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