Why your organization needs a website.

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Everyone’s spending tons of time on Facebook these days. There’s no reason to have an actual website, right?


If you’re considering just going with a Facebook business page, think about this:

  • Facebook controls who sees you. Sure, your followers might see what you’re posting regularly now, but Facebook ultimately decides who sees what. If one of your competitors spends money boosting posts and you don’t, guess who gets seen?
  • The algorithm can change. Facebook is continually adjusting when and how users see your posts. One update to their platform and suddenly far fewer people are seeing your posts.
  • You can’t control your image. You may have great content, but bad reviews could show up higher than your new video or photo.
  • Money speaks. Sure, Facebook is a free marketing tool. But what you might not know is competitors with deep pockets can pay for a primo place in your customers’ newsfeed. Facebook advertising is increasingly popular, and if you don’t regularly boost or target your ads, you might find yourself left out of the party.

So, how do you hedge against Mark Zuckerberg’s control? A website!

A website is:

Your first impression. When you meet a potential customer for the first time, you want to make a good first impression. You wouldn’t show up late with wrinkly clothes. No! When customers have trouble finding your business online, they probably won’t take you seriously. According to a study by Deloitte, 30% of consumers said they wouldn’t consider a company without a website. Take it a step further: An introductory video can let people get to know you before they… get to know you!

Better than the yellow pages. What do most people do when they need more info about a business? They look up their website! A properly structured site that’s simple to navigate can make it easy for customers to reach you and do business.

A way to stand out from the competition. If your website if your first impression, how does it compare to your top competitors? A better-looking site will keep people from going with the other guy. Better content on your website can answer the questions people have about your product or service and build trust.

A way to find qualified customers. Stop spending time educating people about what you do. A website with clear and concise language lets people know what you’re all about without you having to say a word. When they DO reach out, they’re farther along in the sales process.

Looking to add a great website to your marketing efforts but don’t know where to start? Let 360 Solutions Marketing help! We’ve built lots of sites for businesses just like yours. If you already have a website but aren’t sure how it’s performing, let us send you a complementary site audit. This can show you some quick ways to improve your website.

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