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How 360 Solutions Can Help You Start Your Own Consulting Company

Use Our Framework And Reach Profitability Faster

Don't reinvent the wheel. Our proven, PhD-researched framework has helped hundreds of organizations reach their full potential. Save thousands of dollars and years of development time.

You're The Boss. Do What You Love

Quit working for someone else and start building your own brand. Work doing what you love: helping your clients run better organizations. Gain the independence you've always wanted.

Join The Global Community

Join the global network of Strategic Partners changing the world using the High Performance Framework. Learn from their success and partner up on large projects. You're never alone!

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Reasons To Start Your Own Consulting Company

Many people say they want to start their own business but few do. How do you know when you’re ready? Our partners told us they wanted to start their own business because they:

If any of the above reasons resonate with you, maybe it’s time for you to consider working for yourself as a 360 Solutions Strategic Partner.

Who Are We?

An introduction to 360 Solutions

360 Solutions has helped those who want to start, build, and run their own businesses for over 20 years.

We equip you with a PhD-researched framework that works with any organization. We support you with state-of-the-art tools, and we connect you with a network of hundreds of other like-minded consultants all over the world.

Strong Foundation: The Transformation Model

The Transformation Model provides a framework for viewing an organization as a living system. Using the model, leaders can see how the pieces of their organization fit together and then make conscious choices about how to improve their effectiveness. The model reduces organization complexity to seven key elements: Results, Environment, Strategy, Core Process, Structure, Systems, and Culture. The elements are viewed as a whole system of interrelated parts which must fit together if the organization is to be successful. High Performance is built into every aspect of the organization by using this model to guide a comprehensive and integrated approach to change.

transformation model

Work With Organizations In Three Ways

You’re more than a trainer offering different courses or classes, you’re a powerful consultant that guides your clients through our proven model to find the success and profitability they’re after.

After you’ve completed all three steps, start again! Assess where they are now using previous results as a benchmark. It’s a 360 Solution that firmly installs you as a intergral part of their organization. 

#1 - Assessment and Strategy

How clear is the direction of the organization? What steps could take the organization to the next level? 

#2 - Leadership Development

We help leaders in an organization transition from a traditional to a High Performance mindset. Leaders provide the vision, inspiration, and direction to attract and motivate their others to be successful.

#3 - Team Development

Help leaders create self-managing, multi-functional groups of people organized around a whole process and empowered with full responsibility for their success.

transformation model

Get Your Consulting Company Started In 3 Steps


Get in touch

Get in Touch

Get in touch with us so we can learn more about you and see if you're Strategic Partner material.


Attend an Event

Attend an Event

The best place to learn if 360 Solutions is right for you is at one of our events. Learn how to successfully start, build, and run your own consulting firm.


Partner Up

Partner Up

Join our global network as Strategic Partner. Get access to the entire framework and get tips and tricks from successful partners in every part of the world.

How Do I Market My Services?

The #1 question we get asked

A lot people who have never run their own company are concerned with finding clients. It’s actually our most commonly asked question:  How do I find clients in my area? 

We’ve put together a unique program called Champions Leadership that partners for profit and nonprofit organization to better your community into mutually beneficial Mastermind groups. We think it’s a solid strategy to kickstart your company.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

People often ask us what their investment is to become a 360 Solutions Strategic Partner. They typically follow 3 steps:

Step 1: Academy

Come to an Academy and learn how to get started
$ 1500 one-time
  • 3-day Workshop
  • Learn how to start, build, and run your own consulting firm.
  • Meet and talk with current Strategic Partners

Step 2: Products

Private label and print your own materials
$ 3500 per product
  • Print and private label all of our professional workbooks yourself
  • Powerpoints and Resources Guide
  • Facilitator guides

Step 3: Support

Tools and support to run your business
$ 750 per month
  • Access to our online Faculty Dashboard
  • Unlimited Access to Assessment Platform
  • Support from 360 Solutions Headquarters

Frequently Asked Questions

No! When you become a 360 Strategic Partner, you run your consulting practice on your terms! We provide the researched content, world-class support, and global network.

We help you learn the High Performance Framework to sell it to organizations in your area. Then we give you all the materials and support you need to bring an organization through a High Performance Transformation. Finally, we help you grow your business with proven marketing strategies and support from our global network.

Any! All of them! From mom and pop organizations with a few employees to Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of employees, we can help them all!

Use our 5 Principles of a High Performing Organizations workbook to introduce organizations to the differences between traditional and High Performing Organizations, or use our Champions Leadership program to put together for profit and nonprofit organizations together into a High Performing Mastermind Group.

Come to a 360 Solutions Product Certification. We run workshops 1-2 times a year. Also, come to an Academy to learn how to start, build, and run your own practice.

As much or as a little as you want! You’re in charge of your own business. We have partners who work part time and full time.

Get in touch directly for answers to any questions not listed here.

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