brent allan

Brent Allan

360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Brent’s personal and professional life has been very colorful.  He has been involved in a large range of industries from manufacturing, professional advisory, sales, personal development, IT and services. He loves developing and growing businesses having owned or had shares in over 14 entities of his own. He has owned top franchises and has won some large and illustrious businesses as clients.

Brent demonstrates a particular interest in the development of human behavior and personality. Being an analytical thinker regarding how these elements of the individual affects the organization, he likes to help leaders see their people using a shift in paradigm.

Over the past 25 years, Brent has observed what makes us do what we do through his own personal experiences in growing businesses. Being able to pin-point the real challenges within organizations provides him with insight that he can then pass on to clients about specific actions that need to take place for that organization to become, not only successful, but to rise up and thrive.