bob foley

Bob Foley

360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Bob Foley is one of the service industry’s most respected and versatile HR and Training executives. He brings a portfolio of experiences that include 4 years as a President/CEO of a noted franchised Hotel chain, three years in a similar capacity heading up a national association’s Educational Institute and over 30 years as a tried and tested HR executive where he brought a high touch cultural feel through innovative electronic solutions. In a world of speedy transactions he always integrates the need for relational connections while keeping the business on the move.

He is the former president/ CEO and Franchisor of Travelodge Hotels where he led the effort of growing the chain in North America from 450 hotels to over 600 in a four year period. But his real passion for Training was realized as President/CEO of the Educational Institute of the American Hotel/Motel Association. During his tenure at EI Mr. Foley renovated major aspects of the Institute’s print and video content for distribution via the Internet which today is common place but in 1997 was an innovative, pioneering effort.

He also has had a distinguished human resources career where he has held HR and HR officer-level positions over a 30 year period with such industry leaders as Marriott Hotels, The Sheraton Corporation, Beacon/Guest Quarters, La Quinta Inns and Fidelity Investments during critical times of either their start up, growth or repositioning efforts.

Most recently Mr. Foley reunited with several hotel executives from his past and became Chief Talent Officer for Pyramid Hotel Group an owner, manager and asset manager of over 8 billion dollar’s worth of hotel real estate representing 70 hotel assets in the States and the Caribbean. During his 9 year tenure at PHG he created an electronic HR platform that wove together five proprietary internet portals representing recruitment, training, performance management, HR administration and succession planning. Through this strategy a plug and play HR approach to new asset assimilation allowed multiple assets to be acquired and integrated into the company.Armed with these electronic tools he then used these communication devices to instill the company’s High Touch people oriented culture.