aubrey tennant

Aubrey Tennant

360 Solutions Master License - Canada

For the past three decades, Aubrey has served the business world as a top producing financial advisor with Fortune Management, a multi-department Manager for GM, and a dynamic keynote speaker and writer on management, consulting and coaching. Each of these successful entrepreneurial experiences, and his passion and commitment to help both individuals and the business community, have brought him to where he is today as the Canadian Managing Director for 360 Solutions Inc., a leader in turn-key training and coaching systems for business consultants. This product suite is suitable for start-ups and those seeking to grow their existing consultants practice. 

Aubrey is a leader, a visionary, and an inspiration to those who have the desire to help others practice mastery. He does this by getting you to expand on your vision, awaken the facilities of your heart and mind, then take full responsibility for learning, growing, and leading your way to success. In his current position, Aubrey leads his team of 360 Solutions Strategic Practice Partners across Canada, helping them achieve the outcomes in their clients organizations through top notch training, assessments and coaching. 

If you are considering a 360 Solutions Strategic Practice Partnership, Aubrey will help you harness your enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit so you can prosper while working with successful businesses, and take them from average to extraordinary. Aubrey knows the importance and value of human capital and what it takes to keep and nourish a companies’ number one asset, their people. 

Aubrey is a passionate connector of people, he thrives on experiencing the positive outcomes of connecting people and their insights to others. In his leisure time he is an avid marathon runner, and enjoys travelling and socializing.