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Andy Susetio

360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Dr. Andy Susetio has over twenty years of experience in business and corporation management. He has been in charge of research, production and plant management, sales and marketing, and top management. Now he is a Managing Director of two companies in Indonesia owned by a multinational company. He has a desire to support other businessmen and top management to achieve their corporate and business goals by establishing this company.

Dr. Andy Susetio graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Institute Technology Bandung in 1993. He continued his study in 1998 at the same university and completed a Master of Science degree in 2000 with cum laude award. He studied business in University of Leicester, United Kingdom and graduated with MBA degree in 2005. He continued his study further in San Beda College, Graduate School of Business, Manila and was awarded the Doctor of Business Administration Degree with a distinction in 2009.