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Alvin Ong

360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Alvin is the CEO & Director of 360 Solutions Asia as well as 360 Solutions Business Consultancy in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. With his ability to communicate in the languages of these countries, he has great plans to bring  360 Solutions to businesses in Asia.

Since graduating from Monash University, Australia with a Bachelor of Business, Alvin has spent over 13 years in the service industry starting as a Corporate Sales Manager and rising through the ranks to General Manager until deciding to move out of the industry. He is grateful for the opportunity given to him to be mentored in the business of client servicing through to the detailed aspects of running a business. His expertise lies in his analytical skills, people management, and crisis management. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he set out to look for a business he feels would not only allow him to utilize the experience that he had gained over the years, but also one that he could bring that added value and competitive edge for his clients, and was totally impressed and sold when he was introduced to 360 Solutions.

Alvin believes in lifelong education and is continuously seeking to improve himself. He is currently pursuing a second degree (Bachelor of Law) from the University of London, one of the world’s most prestigious law school. He also loves a huge variety of sports and actively participates in various sporting activities.