Hiring and Personality Assessments

Use 360 Solutions’ P60 Personality Assessment to make sure you hire right the first time. Learn more about yourself. Build teams that are meant to work together.

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Are you sure your new hire is a good fit?

How do you measure the impact of development on an organization? Everything starts with a assessing both the organization and employees. This helps us custom tailor a solution with measurable results.

The personality assessment we’ve put together is called the P60. It tells you things like: Are you a born leader? A supporter? A networker? It’s 60 questions long and can take as little as 5 minutes to complete.

Who uses personality assessments?

Hiring Managers and HR Professionals

How do you know the person you're interviewing is the right person for the job? Adding personality assessments to your suite of hiring tools can help you hire right the first time. Produce a comprehensive personality report for each potential hire using our proven system.

Recruiting and Employment

Recommend candidates with more confidence by adding personality assessments to your toolbox. Run P60s for every potential candidate and keep comprehensive records to provide to your customers.

Leaders Development

The best leaders in the world start by learning about themselves. Use our assessment tools to learn more about your own strengths and weakness. Use the P60 with your team as the foundation for leadership development exercises.

Types of Assessments

Our flagship P60 personality assessment is the fastest, most cost effective way of learning about someone’s personality type, but that’s just the beginning. Our suite of assessment tools can help you find the best hire in many different ways.

The flagship assessment of our platform. Once finished, our custom report provides 8-18 pages of an applicant’s character and talent traits along with what you might expect from them on the job. It helps clients find where an applicant might best fit in a company. It will also show where you may need to offer direction and training. Hiring right the first time can save an organization significant time and money.

A customizable multiple-choice quiz that can be tailored to any industry or business. Create an unlimited amount of questions with five possible answers. Upload pictures to use as visual aids. Assign a point value to make some questions more valuable than others. 

See how well an applicant can reason and solve questions in a timed session.

Determine the basic skills of new and existing project managers, or assess project managers who are being considered for additional responsibilities.

Use group-based opinions to evaluate the overall engagement of employees.

Using general questions, create a survey for designated groups to receive anonymous results and comments.

Solve math and spelling questions in a timed format. Used for assessing an individual’s baseline competence.

Measures applicants in 11 sales-related areas. Gives insight into their personal sales style and where they might need additional training.

How much do bad hiring decisions cost organizations?


Amount employers spend to replace a salaried employee


Amount employers spend to replace a senior executive.


Poor hires can equal 30% of that hire’s first-year salary.

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