About Us

360 Solutions Marketing is a team of creative problem solvers based in Waco, Texas. We use our shared knowledge to come up with marketing solutions that help our clients get the results they’re looking for.

Chip Wilson

Chip Wilson is the founder and CEO of 360 Solutions. Chip has over 20 year experience working with businesses. He is a published author, dynamic speaker, and highly successful consultant who works inside of businesses and organizations to evaluate their strategy and develop sustainable business practices. Chip loves helping organizations reach their potential. He is a creative marketer with an extraordinary ability to bring ideas to life.  Whether your business or organization needs to clarify their mission, plan and execute campaigns, or devise a completely new branding strategy, Chip knows how to find success.  He is passionate about leadership and enjoys working with organizations to optimize their performance. When it comes to marketing, you can count on Chip to produce revenue for your organization and results that you can measure.  We are a successful team because of Chip’s leadership, and you can completely trust your marketing and consulting needs to 360 Solutions. 

Joe Morphis

Joe Morphis is the Senior Account Executive at 360 Solutions who was hired in 2019. Joe has an MBA in Finance and specializes in communications, analytics, and quality customer service. His job includes scheduling and managing team tasks, overseeing project details from concept to completion, and weekly client meetings for marketing strategy updates and analytic reviews. Joe has over 20 years of management experience,  extensive client relations experience, and executive leadership skills that make him a valuable asset to us and our clients.  He is dependable, trustworthy, and committed to the process of making sure that each of our clients are getting the best possible marketing exposure available. Joe is an avid sports fan who values teamwork and recognizes the importance of working hard to secure a victory. Those characteristics have served him well in his personal life, and we love how they translate to foster a winning atmosphere for our team here at 360 Solutions. 

carlos rivera

Carlos Rivera

Carlos Rivera joined the 360 Solutions team in 2017 after earning a degree from TSTC in Visual Communication Technology with an emphasis in design. Carlos is our head graphic designer and a master of branding strategy and pixels. He is highly proficient at conveying messages in an effective and aesthetically pleasing digital format and has an eye for concepts in print and interior/exterior design as well. Carlos is extremely creative and has the necessary skills to turn his imagined concepts into remarkable graphic designs. He attributes his passion for graphics to his long-time affinity for video games. We are thankful that Carlos shares his creative talents with us here at 360 Solutions. 

jonathan blair

Jonathan Blair

Jonathan Blair is our senior videographer, photographer, and editor extraordinaire. He became a member of the marketing team at 360 Solutions in July of 2019. Jonathan’s love for photography and filming started in 2007 when he got a camera for his 14th birthday. His love for filmmaking continued to grow, and in 2013 he secured his first film internship and enrolled in a professional photography course at the New York Institute of Photography.  Jonathan specializes in filmmaking and storytelling and has a God-given gift for creating visual stories. Jonathan enjoys working with people, and he has an eye for detail that is invaluable. Camera equipment comes alive in Jonathan’s hands, and we are blessed to have his expertise at 360 Solutions.

Jamal Gillis

Jamal Gillis is the web designer and on-site technology administrator at 360 Solutions. Jamal joined the team in 2020 and specializes in designing and building websites from concept to finished product. In 2014, he earned a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of North Texas where he learned to be a visionary thinker and problem solver. Jamal has knowledge and experience in social media marketing, backend analytics, and photography/videography.  In the fast paced world of marketing, Jamal’s ability to introduce and implement creative ideas quickly is priceless. Jamal is a gifted musician who plays the saxophone, organ, and keyboard, and we are thankful he shares his talents with us at 360 Solutions.

Dean Diaz

Dean Diaz is a talented videographer and editor at 360 Solutions who specializes in creative cinematography. After spending two decades in the financial service industry, Dean began exploring a new career in 2017 to pursue his passion for producing state of the art videos and capturing unique photographs that tell stories and bring moments to life. Dean feels blessed to be able to do what he loves on a daily basis, and he finds joy in seeing the tangible difference that his video creations make for the businesses and nonprofits that we serve. Dean is a gifted producer and skilled editor who never fails to create engaging content, and we love the fresh perspective that he brings to 360 Solutions.

Lorna Hering

Lorna Hering was hired by 360 Solutions in 2020 as our content writer and social media director.  Lorna brings with her an extensive knowledge of grammar and writing skills from her 15 years experience as a Secondary English teacher. She understands the power of words to grab and keep a reader’s attention and is adept in regards to usage and style. Lorna specializes in editing, script writing, and creating engaging newsletters, blogs, fact sheets, and captions. She has written for newspapers, magazines, and blogs, and her love for writing makes this the perfect job for her. Lorna loves the creative nature of social media marketing and enjoys the friendly, fast paced atmosphere of 360 Solutions. 

Stacy Rainaldi

Stacy Rainaldi is the Director of Client Engagement at 360 Solutions. Stacy holds A.A. Degrees in Business Management, General Business, and Marketing. She specializes in nonprofit fundraising and brings years of event planning experience to our team. She has volunteered with numerous organizations including the American Cancer Society and the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce. Stacy has a proven track record of excellent leadership skills and performance, and these qualities will be extremely beneficial to our clients. She is high energy, detail oriented and a great team player, and we are excited about the valuable expertise that she adds to our team at 360 Solutions.

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