About 360 Solutions

Who We Are

To 360 Solutions Founder Chip Wilson, success is more than money. It means a lifestyle that allows reasonable work hours, time with family, and control over schedule and income. It also means giving back by helping his Strategic Partners reach the same goal. That’s why he started 360 Solutions back in 1999.

“I listed the non-negotiable aspects of my life,” says Chip. “I wanted to be home at night and on weekends. I didn’t want to miss any of my son’s soccer games, and I wanted to make a great return on my efforts without excessive travel.”

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This list helped Chip eliminate 95% of business opportunities, and led him to start his own company. Today, 360 Solutions is a debt-free, multimillion dollar business with Strategic Partners all over the U.S. and in 14 countries.

Philosophy and Core Beliefs

We believe leaders are responsible for results in an organization. We also believe that leading today is harder than ever because of the accelerating pace of change and growing complexity of the world around us. Traditional command-and-control leadership tactics don’t work anymore. We teach a new model of leadership. One that helps leaders design collaborative, nimble organizations that treat all employees like contributing partners.

Zooming out, the purpose of consulting and development is to align a company’s core ideology, strategy, leadership behaviors, internal design, and culture. We want to change the whole company, not just part. Just like a doctor, you can’t treat the symptoms without knowing the underlying cause. We pay attention to the context of change and how different parts of an organization work together.

If your organization isn’t running at its full potential, or if you just haven’t been able to keep up with the changing business environment, we can help. Let’s talk and see how 360 Solutions can benefit your company today.