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What 360 Solutions High Performance Framework Can Do For Your Business

Assess Where You Are. Plan Where You're Going

Analyze the current state and effectiveness of your organization using our proven High Performance Framework. Clarify your strategy and establish goals.

Build Up Your Leaders

Develop your leaders with the tools and skills to change behavior. Build trust, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. Take your leadership from control-and-demand to coaching, facilitating, and empowerment.

Build Up Your Teams

After laying a foundation of High Performance Leadership principles, help leaders take their skills and build High Performance teams. They learn about the team model and how to implement it in their organization.

Signs Your Company Is In Chaos:

All organizations are constantly developing. The question is, “Developing into what?” To survive in an increasingly competitive landscape, organizations need to perform at their highest level. Do any of these traits characterize your organization?

If you can identify with any of the above, the High Performance Leadership Framework can help your organization.

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It’s time to add people to your team, but where do you find the best candidates? How do you find someone that’s going to gel with the team you’ve already built?

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Map it out: Identify the Problem and Find Solutions

For an organization to survive, it’s important to map out core processes to see if there’s room for improvement. 

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Forecast the Future of Your Organization

This is an important process to go through with your whole team. All members will see things differently, so it’s good to get as much input as possible.

Become a 360 Solutions Strategic Partner

Help organizations reach their full potential as a 360 Solutions Strategic Partner. Join the global network of independent consultants working for themselves and making a difference in their communities.

If you’ve ever thought of starting a rewarding career as a consultant, 360 Solutions is the perfect partner. We help you start, build, and run you own independent practice.

The Transformation Model

The Transformation Model helps organization view themselves as a living system. Using our model, leaders can see how the pieces of the organization fit together. They can then make conscious choices about how to improve effectiveness. The model breaks down organization complexity into seven key elements: Results, Environment, Strategy, Core Process, Structure, Systems, and Culture. The elements are viewed as a whole system of interrelated parts which fit together and coordinate for success. High Performance is built into every aspect of the organization by using this model to guide a comprehensive approach to change.

transformation model

Filling out the Organizational Transformation Worksheet is the first step towards High Performance. Download the worksheet for yourself and see where your organization stands.

We Work With Organizations in 3 Phases:

#1 - Assessment and Strategy

We work with organizations to determine where they are right now and where they’d like to be. We then put together a strategy  to help achieve those goals.

#2 - Leadership Development

We help leaders transition from a traditional mindset to a High Performance one. Leaders provide the vision, inspiration, and direction to attract and motivate others.

#3 - Team Development

We help leaders create self-managing, multi-functioning groups organized around a whole process. We help develop empowered employees  responsible for their own success.

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How to Start Your Organization's High Performance Transformation:


Get in touch

Get in Touch

Every organization is different. Contact us and we'll put together the perfect plan to High Performance.


Attend an Event

Attend an Event

The best place to learn how we help your organization is at one of our events. Learn more about High Performing Organizations in an immersive workshop.


Use a Strategic Partner

Use a Strategic Partner

Learning the Principles of High Performance is one thing; putting them into practice is another. Use one of our Strategic Partners to implement the High Performance Framework in your organization.

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"Working with 360 Solutions has allowed us to confidently expand our business."

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David Littlewood
Bank President
"360 Solutions has taught me things I wish I would have known when I got into a leadership role."
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Meg Poag
"It helps us focus more on being leaders rather than just cogs in the machine."

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Carlos Hinojosa
Dir. of Development

Who Are We?

360 Solutions is a consulting firm that helps organizations reach their full potential. We change the way work is organized and empower the people who do it.

We’ve helped hundreds of organizations during our 20 years in business.  We use a network of Strategic Partners around the world to work face-to-face with organizations large and small.

The High Performance Leadership Podcast

This podcast is a treasure trove of leadership knowledge. Each week, Chip Wilson and Randy Lane sit down with world-class leadership experts to discover the tips behind great leaders. Chip and Randy also discuss tried-and-true leadership methods used in the High Performance Leadership Framework. 

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Read Principles of High Performance Leadership

Read 360 Solutions CEO Chip Wilson's book on foundational leadership.


High Performance Leadership helps develop the talent to succeed from the front line to the executive suite. Organizations need innovative, collaborative, and courageous leaders. Principles of High Performance Leadership helps you identify and build critical skills in individual team leaders, future or existing teams, or the overall organization. Principles of High Performance Leadership is the accelerates leadership within your organization. It starts here. Now.

“Each chapter weaves in good information, questions for self reflection, and stories that clarify his points. It’s a book that I’ll keep going back to for more self reflection and leadership understanding.”

“Best book on leadership I have ever read!!! Way better than Maxwell, I am amazed!!”

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